2nd-Order Change and Energy Work

In applying the concept of second order change to energy work, trapped emotions (this is the energy equivalent to conditioned responses) can be released in any of the family members willing, which serves to clear energetic/emotional blocks that commonly occur among these family members. It is not necessary for everyone to be physically present. The respective family members can be located anywhere. Much of the work can be done through allowing the energy worker to identify and release these trapped emotions from a distance, otherwise, by proxy. (If this is a new concept, one can look up “Emotion Code on the internet and find information regarding this.)

When I work on clearing the trapped emotions that cause blocks between two people I start by getting permission, connecting (energetically) and asking something like the following: “Is there a trapped emotion blocking the loving energy with whomever that we can work on to release. When I get a “yes” I then identify the trapped emotion and perhaps when it happened and where it is located in the body. Keep in mind it isn’t always necessary to identify age or where the trapped emotion is located to get a “yes” in order to release the trapped emotion. There are most likely quite a few trapped emotions to be released, before all are cleared.

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