Hypnosis and The Emotion Code

I have practiced as a hypnotherapist for over 30 years. Regressing clients back to the sources of upsetting emotions, reprocessing and getting a cathartic release (rapid desensitization) of the emotions has been a major source of my work. Under hypnosis, I have had my client’s fingers lift, automatically, and unconsciously, for yes and no answers. This allows for answers that the client may not be consciously aware of but are revealed through the unconscious mind. More often than not, when the fingers signal, it has located a significant source of what is causing upsetting emotions. The client regresses to a time and place that frequently, they have consciously forgotten about. It has been said that the subconscious mind never forgets. This is indeed consistent with the experience I have with hypnotherapy when it comes to going to sources of upsetting emotions.

When I started using the emotion code chart of trapped emotions with clients I was already doing hypnosis with, I found that the “yes” and “no” finger signals that the client was experiencing was accurately locating trapped emotions and the age when they became trapped. Whereas trapped emotions once identified are typically released by passing a magnet or fingers down the governing meridian. This might leave one guessing about the process, I was able to take the person back to the event that produced the trapped emotions. The emotion identified by the client’s finger signaling and the age when it happened has so far, after numerous such sessions, been 100% accurate, far more than I would have originally thought. When the event that caused the trapped emotion was reviewed, and the client understood there was no need to hold onto it, fingers would signal that it was ok to “let it go” and the cathartic release that I was so familiar with ensued. Afterwards, if I asked if we released the “trapped emotion” finger signals would indicate yes.

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